• baseball makes me happy

    very, very happy. i find such satisfaction in going to a ballgame at busch stadium. it gets me hyped. it gets me goin. especially when it's as beautiful of an evening as it was last tuesday. perfection, i tell you.

    thursday was far more gloomy (and rainy), but the rain delay only meant that i had more time to run around the stadium making frames.

    the smell of the grills that cooked brats below me wafted nicely into the upper deck, and did a nice job of giving dimension to the lights.

    of course, what's a ballgame without a good friend. ohhhh, beerman. what a giddy boy.

    in his defense, he had spotted fredbird launching free shirts in our direction. it was an understandable freak out.

    just as a good as a friend is a father and uncle who know enough baseball trivia to fill a few volumes. indispensable people when you have a question about something, anything baseball related. screw your smartphone app and google. when it comes to baseball knowledge, i'll stick with these two fine gentlemen.

    i guess my brother isn't half bad either.